Homeostasis (dammit!)

One night at an introductory lecture given by the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program.When the leaders called for questions at the completion of the lecture, he raised his hand and gently but surely demolished the presentation we had just heard.More interesting to me, though, was the effect upon the rest of the audience. At the end of the question period, the two recruiters were faced with a crush of audience members submitting their seventy-five-dollar down payments for admission

“…when your buddy started talking, I knew I’d better give them my money now, or I’d go home and start thinking about what he said and NEVER sign up.”

These were people with real problems; and they were somewhat desperately searching for a way to solve those problems.

Driven by their needs, they very much wanted to believe that TM was the answer.

This was an anecdote I came across of striking behavior in that the thing I wrote about in this entry – the aspect of people acting to preserve their comfort – can sometimes be at a surprisingly conscious level for the person doing it.


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