I liked this comment (in bold) about mentors from this article I found:

Zen Buddhism: Herbert sprinkled Zen ideas throughout Dune. When The Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam nonsequiters Paul with “Ever sift sand through a screen?” Herbert next writes, “The tangential slash of her question shocked his mind into higher awareness.” This is the technique of the Zen Koan: saying or asking something that sounds like gibberish, but also like it might be incredibly profound, provided you think about it long enough. Zen masters developed this trick to “open up” the mind of their students without filling it with their own opinions. Myth teaches us that all mentors push us towards new ways of thinking, but only dark mentors attempt to make us think just like them. A mentor who walks the path of light teaches us how to open up to the voice from within, not without. The most famous koan in the West is probably “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”


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  1. stillhere4u says:

    I think Zen can be contrasted with the modern culture of presumption. You might enjoy the short Zen tale I just posted at

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