「合気神髄」勉強 / Aiki Shinzui Study (2)

New tack: arbitrarily starting arbitrarily from part 7, page 157:

Training (修業) to unite with the divine

Aikido is not for winning over other people, not for winning in fights, and not for winning without fighting. It is for one’s own mission to win over the mission given to one by the heavens, by an approach of nonresistance. Regarding beginning training for such, one should, through the process of ‘masakatsu, agatsu, katsuhayahi’, move forward toward movement/transformation (運化) of heaven and earth as they/you(?) are. One must come to know the goodness as well as correctness within oneself, and train until one does not know goodness or correctness anymore.

In aikido, we ourselves absolutely never attack/advance. To attack is evidence that one does not have enough confidence in one’s own victory. That feeling itself (the urge to attack) is nothing other than one sensing the defeat of one’s spirit already.

In aikido, we absolutely never go forcibly against the opponent. In all respects make use of the reckless power of the attacking opponent. Thus the opponent will be unable to restrain himself by his own reckless violence, falling over himself. All one needs to do is lead him while having/using a subtle (妙用) energy, body mind, and body. Accordingly, the more the opponent has reckless violence, the easier it is for us.

Therefore, it is especially this point about victory without fighting that we find the great value of the crucial aspect of aikido, ‘masakatsu, agatsu, katsuhayahi’.

The heavenly person (天人) of heaven knows nothing of heaven because he himself is heaven.

The objective of training is for the person and the divine to become unified. Be that as it may, regarding the properties of god and people, even though we speak of uniting, just as there is big and small when we discuss volume, it is impossible for a person to surpass the limits of being a person. On the other hand, the spirit of ‘bu’ (武), as long as one is connected with heaven and earth, ultimately brings into reality a beautiful result. To speak briefly about the method of training: if ‘bu’ is a prosperous path by which one changes one’s body to the utmost, a path by which 1 relates to 10,000, one should polish the sword of Kusanagi to clear the way starting from that 1, and accomplish that duty. Make your mind serene at all times like the great sky, like the great ocean, like the great mountains, and hide from nothing. At that time, help everything to live and prosper, even the biggest and smallest things.

The spirit polishes the physical body. Avoid with energy (気). One must not run away. It will not be ‘aiki’ if one suppresses the opponent’s energy before any movement, if one makes the opponent suppressed. Let the opponent’s energy be as he likes. ‘Aiki’ polishes energy. The stance of love as told in 念彼観音力(http://kotobank.jp/word/%E5%BF%B5%E5%BD%BC%E8%A6%B3%E9%9F%B3%E5%8A%9B) is the true stance. Significant training is needed for the approach of nonresistance. However, to connect the mind(s), one needs only three months. Fill the whole sky with wisdom and enlightenment and polish one’s own wisdom and body. Then one can begin to know the teachings of the core of the universe, and from there it begins to be ‘aiki’.

No matter how deep in the mountains one trains, what goes against what is natural will create its own demise. ‘Aiki’ must be natural.

Everything between heaven and earth is one family, one body. And past, present, and future is our life’s breath. One age, one generation, one year, one day, one household – as these create history, they define the evolution of humankind. To not neglect growth toward the perfection of the world, we must keep in mind always and ceaselessly to optimistically unify, purify, and advance.

‘Aiki’ is based on the ‘budo’ of Japan and explicitly specifies an all-inclusive reasoning. It is the true principle of true heaven, true earth, and true material, all in alignment. This is the democracy of our country, and becomes the approach of great nature, the approach of freedom. We who train in ‘bu’ must not forget the all-inclusive loving and nurturing mind, and protect the truth that is the embracing of love and love. Though the science of things seems to be making great progress now, the current culture of the mind/spirit must still realize a world of harmony with no conflict between peoples, if there is to be a correct balance between all entities on the earth with no disparity between things and the science of the mind/spirit. In order fot this, our aikido must not fall behind the movement/transformation of the heavens. If it is a budo of only things, it will not be complete. To create an illuminated and vibrant power, with the spiritual breath (魂魄阿吽) of ‘bu’ in the depths of oneself, and with little strength from material technique.

One should train enough, realize light and heat, and achieve perfection as a sincere and true person. Furthermore, in training, in order to reach excellence, one should build up one’s mind and body in accordance with the laws of nature , and hope for great success. Though now ‘aiki’ is becoming common, one should shine with the true spirit/mind of aikido. One should work toward this. Of course this, as stated previously, is crucial. But one needs to recognize the current times and construct a beautiful paradise.

Having entered the path of training on life and death

The main components of ‘aiki’ practice are practice of energy shapes (気形) and training (鍛錬法). A truly significant aspect of energy shapes is serious/real matches. Budo, in essence, does not have sportive tests or contests. To test each other would inherently be to do so by risking life and death. but to seek matches flippantly is a big mistake. Truly, destruction, killing, and injuring re the top evils in life.

The laws for budo in this country since times of old have been: do not kill, do not destroy. The true budo of this country are paths of great harmony, and the purification of body and mind. The rule of ‘bu’ is to establish the laws of heaven here on earth, for people to build/compose themselves and to protect everything. However, there have been more and more people who do not know true ‘bu’ and it is saddening to see budo devolve into one of domination.

“Sensei, were you always able to win?”

“No, I’ve had numerous failings. They were all due to my being mentally weak.”

Once, I was at Ise Shrine. I’d gone as assistant to Takeda Sokaku sensei. I was running around while carrying bags. At some point a woman in her 70s suddenly appeared from the side. I stumbled to the side and just barely managed to avoid a collision. Though there was no collision, from the perspective of budo, this was a failure.

Another time, I was teaching 星哲臣. He came from a judo background. I was teaching how to advance as an energy shape, when he suddenly tried to execute ‘seoinage’. I had let my guard down, as I was teaching him at the time. I thought, “Oh no”, and jumped up, defeating him with a choke. Despite teaching at the time, despite his being a student, one must see through his mind while teaching. I learned never to let my guard down. Thanks to this mistake, I was naturally made to learn to unexpectedly compose my readiness, so that from that time on, if I encountered anything suddenly, I could hold it together easily. A technique came into being with this.

If you can master the method of ‘irimi tenkan’, you can overcome any kind of stance. But ‘one cut, one kill’ (killing with a single cut) is not a true path. ‘Aiki’ is the art of harmonizing. Another time, thanks to the graces of a Mr. Ota, I demonstrated and taught ‘aiki’ at the Kanagawa Police. At the time, my practice partner turned out to be a tall judo teacher. I was only intending to explain but he resisted and I injured his wrist. At this time also, I learned about turning away from the path and the love of Hinayana, and solidified my conviction to stand truly and act from Mahayana.

Yet another time, while I was traveling around various regions, I went to a fishing town. There, there was an amateur sumo wrestler – about 27 years old, 100kg, 180 cm –  who challenged me to a match. I didn’t fail, but I had difficulty with him. His naked body was slippery with sweat and I couldn’t get a good grip. It could have been because he got tired, but I was finally able to hold him down with one finger. It was able to learn from this how to “grab an eel”; that is, how to hold down the opponent with energy; that is, the subtleties of positioning. Thus I started to learn the true training (鍛錬法) of ‘aiki’.

If I take account like this, I have more mistakes than I can count. But each time, I mastered a technical subtlety and gradually perfected the ‘aiki’ of today. In other words, I was attacked with a wooden sword, challenged by the shape of a real sword, passed near life and death many times, and ultimately was able to enter a single path of training.


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